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Products and Assets

All Search Technologies assets

Search Technologies is a search engine consulting firm. In the process of consulting, we've discovered gaps that we've filled. The results include items such as a series of tools, connectors, publishers, and content processors.


Staging Repository

Query Processing Language (QPL)

Aspire is a framework and libraries of extensible components designed to let you create solutions to acquire data from your content repositories, extract metadata and text from documents, and analyze, modify, and enhance the content and metadata.
The Staging Repository application is an intermediate repository where you can place content after it's been extracted from a content repository.  You can perform content reprocessing without having to reach back to the content repository for every processing iteration.
You can use Query Processing Language to create complex query structures from multiple inputs such as security constraints, user interface controls, geolocation, and information about a user or an environment.



Dynamic XML Forms (DXF)

Asset Compatibility

Dynamic XML forms (DXF) describes a quick method for creating user interface pages to edit metadata. It's called "dynamic" because the HTML editing form is generated dynamically in JavaScript based on XML specification (a template) that identifies how the editing page is generated.
End-to-end example
User Interface control reference
Development tool
The matrix provides information about which related product versions are currently compatible with released versions of Search Technologies assets.
Asset Compatibility Matrix

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